PF Statement

PF Statement or PF Credit card

This blog helps you to directly enter to ag.kerala official site directly

Do not enter any details in below form it is only a demo form, to enter PF Statement page Click here for get PF credit card  
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PF credit card helps you to calculate and check your PF amount ,interest received, and more details. PF credit card available on March month of each year , it is necessary for taking loans from PF, Interest of PF is  8.6

Click here for get PF credit card  
From here select your department code, department code may be the first letter of your PF Number, and enter PF Number
Next column for enter PIN Number
How to get PF Pin Number?

To get your Pin number minus your PF Number from 999999
Eg: If your PF No. is 45785 your Pin number is 999999-45785=954214
Next step is to Enter the Text Image and then click on Submit

Now you are entered your PF statement page click on GPF Annual Accounts Statements then select Year and print your PF Credit card